Following information only apply to the German health care system. For reimbursement in other countries please contact your health insurance provider or check the regulations for your country.



Patients, who are covered by the statutory health insurance, have the opportunity to submit an application for reimbursement in their individual case. This should always be completed before the test is executed.

Private health insurance companies usually cover the whole or part of the costs for the CTR-Test®. Although, we still recommend to submit an informal application at your health insurance company in order to solve any factual questions in advance.

We would be happy to support you in communicating with your health insurance company. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime, if you have any questions (+49-6221-8936-152).


The CTR-Test® is currently not regarded as a general hospital service and is therefore not reimbursed.

Of course it is our goal to permanently establish the CTR-Test® as part of the German health care system.

From 2007 until 2010 the CTR-Test® was the only diagnostic procedure which received NUB-Status 1 (NUB=new examination and treatment method) from the InEK (Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System). NUB status 1 entitles clinics to directly negotiate with health insurance companies about reimbursement of the CTR-Test®. After successfully finishing the negotiations, the clinics can bill the CTR-Test® off-budged and it will be reimbursed by the health insurance companies. The test lost NUB (new examination and treatment methods) status 1 through no fault of its own in 2011. Unfortunately we were not able to regain status 1 until now even though the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information (DMDI) had allocated an own OPS-key (for calculating a bill). The OPS-key is 1-990.0.

It is possible for an individual patient to come to an agreement with their health insurance company that they will cover the costs. TherapySelect would be happy to assist its patients. It is important to submit the application for reimbursement in the individual case before the test is executed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us:
Phone: +49-6221-8936-152



The price of the standard version of the CTR-Test® is 1,995.00 € (plus further logistic costs depending on the country). Up to seven chemotherapeutic agents (single agents or combinations thereof) are tested. More chemotherapeutic agents or combinations thereof can be examined optionally. The price is increased by 795.00 € for seven additional agents/combinations. The total price for samples from outside Germany might increase due to increased logistics costs.

The standard version of the CTR-Test® comprises the following services:

Service Cost in EUR

Measuring of up to seven chemotherapeutic agents*:

*Affecting all chemotherapeutics, which are approved in Germany and validated for the CTR-Test®.



Additional material and laboratory costs*:

* Isolating cells via density gradient, cytological examination, (sub)-cultivation, microscopic single determination, determination of vigor and tumor cells, detailed written report of results, written expert opinion, costs for material and personnel





Compensation of Expenses*:

* Mailing and logistics



Total: 1.995,00

The total price of samples from outside Germany might increase due to increased logistic costs. If it is not possible to generate a test result on the basis of tumor material after it has been processed, we will only charge a flat rate of 500.00 EUR for the laboratory and logistics costs. The success of functional in vitro diagnostics depends on the quality of sent in tumor samples. If the number of tumor cells is too small or if the tumor cells are not living enough, the test has to be stopped early. In vitro diagnostic fails in 5 percent of the samples.