Company profile

TherapySelect Dr. Frank Kischkel is a biotech and medtech company. It focuses on development, clinical validation, marketing and sales of diagnostic tests for cancer patients. The company's aim is to increase patient's survival and quality of life as well as to reduce costs in health care system.

TherapySelect has three main areas of activity.

Development and sales of its own or licensed products

TherapySelect sells its own clinically well validated chemotherapy-resistance-test (CTR-Test®) worldwide. The test is an in vitro chemoresistance assay on living tumor cells. In various clinical trials, the CTR-Test® has shown to be more than 95% accurate in predicting ineffectiveness of chemotherapies prior to administration of the drugs. Further development of the CTR-Test® technology as a platform for new products is supported by governmental grants.


Distribution of other diagnostic tests

TherapySelect cooperates with Paradigm Diagnostics and Guardant Health in order to offer patients biomarker profiling of their tumors or tumor DNA, respectively, in combination with the corresponding data analysis. These services are called PCDx™ and Guardant360®.


Offering its diagnostic platform(s) to pharma companies for product development

Unsuccessful clinical trials are the most expensive obstacle in drug development. To solve this problem TherapySelect offers the CTR-Test® technology to pharma companies for all clinical trial phases worldwide.

Location Heidelberg

TherapySelect chose the location Heidelberg to be close to the cancer research cluster, which has formed here. The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), Cancer Information Service (KID), Heidelberg University including the Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH) and other research faculties, Max Planck Institutes and many clinics, which focus on the topic of cancer, are part of this cluster.