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We use Drupal as a content management system (CMS) in order to provide you with relevant information in a secure manner. Since Drupal has made major chances from Drupal 7 to the next version, we hesitated to upgrade. Now Drupal 10 is out and since we want to use all the advantages of this new Drupal generation and since the support for Drupal 7 will end in the near future, we finally decided for a technical upgrade. Unfortunately, up till now an upgrade from Drupal 7 to the newer versions is not easy to handle. At the end we needed to set up the website from scratch. All pages had to be manually generated again. Of course we tried to update the information as well, but this is a process for the next weeks and months. Most information is udated, but the news section needs to be filled with all the news we experienced in the last years. We will do it bit by bit.

Support us with the website

Since this website shall give you a good user experience, shall be easy to understand and shall give you up to date information, we would like to ask for your help. If you 

  • have comments or suggestions, 
  • have found inconsitencies, errors or not functional elements, 

please inform us. 

We have introduced in almost every page a contact form, so you can send us the information in that easy way. Alternatively, you can use the other contact options.

Hope to assist you, your relatives, friends or acquaintances as much as possible.

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