Cancer Diagnosis

Who can help me understand?

The diagnosis of cancer leaves many patients speechless at first. In most cases, the news is shocking and all the information is not always easy to understand.

On the one hand, this is due to the medical terminology used by doctors or at the latest in the doctor's letter.

On the other hand, it is often difficult for laypeople to get an overview of the various therapies themselves.

We coach you!

As a cancer patient, get an overview of your own illness and of suitable diagnostic and therapeutic options.

In addition to your doctor, we support you - with a scientifically open approach.

What Does Patient Coaching Involve?

Self-management & personal responsibility

Cancer is a complex topic. Medical vocabulary makes it difficult to understand your own illness - nevertheless, as a patient you have to make the necessary treatment decisions together with your doctor and then implement them.

It is therefore to your own advantage to acquire certain knowledge and skills so that you can help make decisions. We can help you with this.

Motivation & empowerment

There are various ways to treat cancer. You yourself can make a significant contribution and thus improve your chances of recovery. 

Being active motivates and strengthens you as a person.


You as the patient should be the focus of treatment. You and your life are important. 

Let us support you.

Our service

  1. Use our experience to sort and categorize the medical information. 
    If possible, send us all the documents and information about your illness.
  2. We will help you to understand the most important technical terms and medical expressions that are important to you.
  3. We will explain to you in understandable language which diagnostics and treatments have been carried out in your personal case, which are generally possible and which diagnostics and treatments may still be useful for you.
  4. You can discuss arguments for or against certain forms of treatment and any questions about your illness with us. 
    We will take the time to explain everything to you as clearly as possible.
  5. We will help you in your search for further diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as immunotherapies or inclusion in clinical trials, as well as with reimbursement issues and the search for further assistance.
  6. If you wish, we can also provide you with long-term support.