Donate on December Sundays via (Winter Matching Campaign)

Dear interested parties!

Support us in our endeavor, especially in December.

We would like to improve personalized oncology and patient empowerment (the ability of patients to make health decisions).
To finance our projects, we have created donation options via our new website

Donations via online SEPA direct debit

Donations via PayPal & credit cards

Donations via

Important: Winter matching on all Sundays in December is the largest donation platform in Germany.
As a special campaign in December, will boost your donation of up to €100 by 15% on all Sundays in December (including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve) during Winter Matching.
If you would like to donate via on the Sundays in December, it is best to donate as early as possible on the day, as the campaign only runs until the budget for that day has been used up.
Here are our projects at (Effectiveness of breast cancer drugs) (Explanatory videos) (Patient coaching)

With your donations via our homepage you support our work in the field of research and development for improved personalized oncology.

Please also share this appeal for donations with family, friends and acquaintances.

Many thanks and greetings
Frank Kischkel

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