The SHIP-Event (short for „Ship for Health Innovation Pitches“) is a competition for start-ups hosted by EIT Health Germany. It takes place during a cruise on the river Neckar.

Banner of eit Health: German EIT Health SHIP Ship for Health Innovation Pitches.

Aboard the „Königin Silvia“, 28 innovative companies went all out while presenting their projects. One of them was TherapySelect.

Rowers on the river Neckar.

Many exciting projects in the categories BioTech, MedTech und Digital Health were competing for these beautiful awards.

Trophies of the Ship for Health Innovation Pitches (SHIP)-Event 2018 by EIT Health Germany.

A day full of historic landscapes…

Castles near Neckarsteinach, seen from the river. From left to right: Burg Schadek (top), Hinterburg and Mittelburg. Not in this picture: Vorderburg.

… and innovative science!

A presentation during the SHIP-Event 2018.

While the ship advances upstream, new ideas are advanced inside (in the background: weir and lock near Heidelberg).

Weir near Heidelberg, seen from the river.

All hands on deck for the photo session.

Preparing for the group picture.

Good food, great view.

Lunch at the SHIP-Event 2018.

Back in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg and river Neckar.