We Help Physicians and Patients in Planing Their Therapy Strategy

Individualized cancer therapy using our diagnostic services

Our company wants to enable cancer patients a longer survival and a better quality of life. For this purpose we concentrate on development and offering diagnostic services for cancer. These diagnostic services should help to adjust the treatment for a patient individually to make the therapy more successful.

So we follow the general medical principle below.

"The gods placed diagnosis before therapy."*

*Frequently quoted saying putatively from Prof. Franz Volhard (former director of the university hospital in Frankfurt a.M., Germany); source: Hessisches Ärzteblatt 7/2006, p. 499.

Based on this principle the physician tries to find the cause of a disease (diagnosis). On basis of this diagnosis the physician can initiate a proper treatment (therapy). If different therapy options exist, additional diagnostics can assist the selection. The selection of therapy decides whether a disease can be relieved or even healed.


Specifically for the improved selection of drugs for cancer treatment TherapySelct offers for patients and physicians two diagnostic services. These cancer diagnostics are called CTR-Test®icon_internal link-02_16x16.png und Caris Molecular Intelligence®icon_internal link-02_16x16.png.

This concept was also picked up by the new terms “personalized medicine”, “personalized oncology” and "precision medicine".

Important information regarding our diagnostics

  • Healing in cancer is difficult and demanding, depends on the therapies which exists, and might not be possible depending on the individual patient situation.
  • Diagnostic services can never be better than the therapeutic options that are evaluated. But finding potential effective treatment options for an individual patient can make cancer care more successful.
  • Our services are meant to support the existing cancer care. They are mostly used when no clear treatment regimen can be recommended. This is the situation for the following cases:
    • Several chemotherapeutic agents are equally suitable for treating a certain type of cancer (according to guidelines).
    • Recurrent tumors, when there are no guidelines available.
    • Origin of the tumor is unknown.
    • Rare tumor types, for which no guidelines exist.

Collaboration with Caris Life Sciences for biomarker profiling in cancer

We are excited to collaborate with the world-leading tumor profiling laboratory for analyzing biomarkersicon_internal link-02_16x16_FK.png:

Below you can find two videos, in which the company is introduced:

Caris - Company Introduction  Introduction of the company Caris Life Sciences

  Caris - Laboratory Introduction Introduction of the laboratory work at Caris Life Sciences