Does my Health Insurance Reimburse the PCDx™?

PCDx™ is not reimbursed in all countries. In Germany the private health insurances usually cover all or at least part of the costs. For the social health insurances the costs are usually not automatically reimbursed. Here it will be decided on a case-by-case basis. To be sure about the reimbursement it is advisable to ask the health insurance before ordering. Paradigm Disgnostics's intention is to get this important diagnostic service into the German health system. Therefore Paradigm Diagnostics supports the patients in their acitvity for reimbursement. For the latest information on this subject please contact TherapySelect.

In case the health insurance does not reimburse the costs, there is still the chance to get the money back by a more detailed discussion with the health insurance. If this is not successful one can still get a reimbursement via the social welfare court. As long as our service is not part of the German health system we support the patients along this process or we can even do it for you. In any case the costs must be borne by the patients in advance.

How Much does the PCDx™ Cost?

The costs for the PCDx™ are 3.995,00 €.