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to further improve cancer patient care we are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer exclusively an efficacy test based on the analysis of molecular-based biomarker for targeted drugs (including anti-hormone-drugs and immunotherapies) and chemotherapeutics. 

After careful consideration we decided to collaborate with Paradigm Diagnostics, Inc. (USA), who performs the tumor biomarker profiling PCDx™. The collaboration with Caris Life Sciences no longer exists and all analyses regarding molecular-based biomarker are now performed by Paradigm Diagnostics. In terms of price this means for our customers an enormous reduction of costs with consistent diagnostic quality. The whole analysis of PCDx™ costs 3,800.00 Euro and is thereby almost 40% cheaper than the so far offered tumor biomarker profiling. 

Via the molecular-based biomarker analysis PCDx™ clinically relevant alterations of the genome like mutations, copy number variations, fusions, mRNA expression and protein expression of a single patient are detected and analyzed. These molecular-based biomarker are associated with the efficacy of cancer drugs and thereby the testing of molecular-based biomarker can provide predictive information for a therapy decision. Via PCDx™ drugs are identified, which are either worth considering for therapy of a patient or which the patient is resistant for. Thereby also drugs are taken into account, which are still in clinical studies.

Advantages of PCDx™

  1. Excellent price/performance/quality ratio.

  2. For the detection and analysis of molecular-based biomarker different technologies are applied (Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and immunohistochemistry (IHC)). An analysis of mRNA expression is so far exclusively offered from Paradigm Diagnostics. Furthermore current literature about the associations of molecular-based biomarker with the efficacy of drugs is comprehensively evaluated in order to provide information, which are relevant for personalized cancer treatment.

  3. For the performance of PCDx™ only 4-5 business days are needed after arrival of the sample in the laboratory. This is significantly faster than other biomarker analyses.

  4. The laboratory of Paradigm Diagnostics is CLIA-certified.

  5. In a prospective clinical trial it was demonstrated that the progression free survival interval increased by 43% when treatment was based on the results of the PCDx™. 

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