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for the further improvement of patient care we are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer a Liquid Biopsy for cancer therapy planning and monitoring as well as the possibility of tumor cell storage.


The analysis of the Liquid Biopsy Guardant360® is performed by Guardant Health®. After careful consideration we decided to collaborate with Guardant Health® to offer our customers a further option for optimizing their cancer therapy.
With Guardant360® cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from a blood sample of a cancer patient is analyzed for existing specific mutations via digital sequencing. Existing mutations are subsequently associated with targeted drugs (including anti-hormone-drugs). Thereby drugs are identified, which are worth considering for patient's therapy and resistances are identified. Furthermore Guardant360® can be used for monitoring and aftercare of a cancer therapy. As for Guardant360® a blood sample is analyzed, this diagnostic is also suitable for patients for whom no appropriate amount of biopsy material is present or from whom no tissue specimen can be obtained.
Guardant360® is the first available clinically validated comprehensive Liquid Biopsy and allows a comprehensive molecular analysis based on the evaluation of ctDNA. This Liquid Biopsy is already used by oncologists in leading cancer centers and more than 1000 hospitals worldwide. More than 40,000 patients have already been sequenced. The benefit of Guardant360® for therapy planning of cancer patients is proven by numerous studies (including clinical outcome studies) and publications.

Tumor storage

The storage of tumor cells (cryopreservation) provides patients the opportunity to fall back on their living tumor cells and use them for the CTR-Test® at a later time. For cryopreservation celluspensions are frozen at -196°C in liquid nitrogen. Thereby patients without therapy plan at the time of surgery will have the chance to perform the CTR-Test® if it is determined that a chemotherapy is necessary. 

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