Personal Invitation to the Free Caris Symposium Concerning Therapy Optimization by CMI Diagnostics on 26.09.2015 in the Framework of the European Cancer Congress (ECCO) in Vienna

Dear Reader,

We are glad to invite you to the Caris Life Sciences CMI Symposium in the framework of the ECCO on Saturday, 26.09.2015, in Vienna.

Information about the symposium:

After the ECCO programme on Saturday Caris Life Sciences offers a symposium starting at 7.00 pm, followed by a dinner giving the opportunity to discuss open questions.

During this symposium Caris gives detailed aspects and actual information about their product CMI (Caris Molecular Intelligence). The CMI diagnostic tool is a comprehensive biomarker-analysis for personalized medicine, which TherapySelect will provide in the German market. The symposium is organized by our new partner Caris Life Sciences and is offered to the participants free of charge.

For more information about place and time of the symposium use this link.

If you would l ike to attend the symposium, please contact


Tel: +49 (0)6221-8936-152 oder Email:

Information about the congress:

The ECCO was founded by the following organizations EACR,EONS, ESMO, ESSO, ESTRO and SIOPE and takes place every second year in different European cities. The European Cancer Congress combines the efforts of European oncology professionals with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients.

Information about Caris Life Sciences and CMI Service:

Caris Life Sciences is a new partner of TherapySelect. More information will follow soon.

Details about Caris Life Sciences you can find under: .

The CMI service is explained in detail on the following website: .


TherapySelect Team