Guardant360® is the first clinically available, validated, comprehensive liquid biopsy

  • Guardant360® is the first clinically validated comprehensive liquid biopsy that is available.

  • This test was validated in detail and published for clinical use. Moreover Guardant360® is the only comprehensive test with clinical results. There are numerous publications about Guardant360®.

  • Guardant Health also regularly takes part in expert conferences and presents latest findings.

  • Using the following link you can reach the up-to-date publications.

    • Publications:


Selected publications about Guardant360®

  • Kim et al. (2017) ( demonstrated in a prospective stuy the clinical benefit of Guardant360® for advanced solid tumors. Patients treated according to test result had a better outcome.

  • Schwaederlé et al. (2017) ( demonstrated that a therapy adjusted to the alterations of the ctDNA leads to therapeutic efficacy.

  • Liang et al. (2016) ( demonstrated that ctDNA can be used to monitor the response and the disease progress.

  • Lanman et al. (2015) ( describe the analytical and clincial validation of the gene panel which is used for ctDNA evaluation. With digital sequencing that is used for Guardant360® a analytical specificity of 99.9999 % is achieved and almost all false-positive results are eliminated

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