Does my health insurance reimburse Guardant360®?

The health insurances do not reimburse the costs for Guardant360® in all countries. In Germany the test is not part of the service of the statutory health insurances, but there is the opportunity for reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. The private health insurers reimburse the costs where appropriate. It is recommended to contact the health insurance before performance of Guardant360® to clarify the reimbursement. Current information is available from us and we gladly support you by the reimbursement process.

If the health insurance does not directly reimburse the costs, there is the possibility to get the reimbursement by a corresponding communication with the responsible health insurance or via the social welfare court. We support patients during the reimbursement process or take it over as long as our services are not part of the legal healthcare system. However the costs have to be paid in advance by the patient.

How much does the Guardant360® cost?

  • For the first application the price of Guardant360® is 3,500.00 Euro.
  • For a further application for monitoring of a therapy each additional test costs 2,800.00 Euro.