Guardant360® CAN be used for:

  • Patients with solid tumors.
  • Patients with cancer in an advanced stage (stage III and IV).
  • Patients, whose tissue is unobtainable or whose biopsy yields an insufficient quantity for sequencing.
  • Patients with a progressive cancer.
  • Patients, who do not receive a therapy (chemotherapy or radiation therapy for example) at the moment.
  • Patients, who are planned to be treated with targeted drugs, since Guardant360®  can only predict the efficacy of targeted therapies. The efficacy of chemotherapies cannot be tested with Guardant360® .
  • Patients, who want to monitor their cancer therapy (all forms of cancer therapy).
  • Patients, who have a progression despite therapy and want their tumor to be evaluated for present/newly formed mutations during therapy.

Guardant360®  CANNOT be used for:

  • Patients with a hematological cancer (leukemia or lymphoma).

  • Patients with cancer stage I or II.

  • Patients receiving a chemotherapy or radiation therapy at the moment.

  • Patients, who require an efficacy prediction for other cancer therapies than targeted therapies like chemotherapies.

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